Mrs. India Pageant Format



Website Registration



Applicants will shortlisted through online auditions.



Shortlisted candidates(from PAN INDIA or outside India) will compete as an finalist



All the finalist at Finale will be
titled as (CITY/STATE/REGIONAL Zone) on Finale Day



Top three Mrs. India titles will be declared at Finale Event



Winner will represent India at International Platform.

Say goodbye to travel expenses and audition stress!

Web-based Auditions: Convenience and Accessibility

Register today for an enjoyable and vivid online journey that promises to be an experience of a lifetime. Join us as we strive to create a fair and transparent platform for married women in India, fostering personal growth and community involvement while promoting sustainable practices that benefit the planet.
Pageant Categories


Married women who participate in the Mrs. India Planet beauty pageant are classified into two categories, namely


(below 39 years old)

Beauty and Elegance in Youthful Exuberance


(above 39 years old)

Timeless Beauty and Grace

Above Platinum & Classic categories have below 3 winners

Mrs. India Planet Queen

A title fit for a queen who reigns supreme with her beauty and intelligence.

Mrs. India Planet Elite

A title for a queen who embodies confidence and poise and represents the pageant with dignity and grace.

Mrs. India Planet Radiant

A title for a queen who glows with inner and outer beauty and embodies the values of the pageant.

there are four zonal winners followed by state winners.

Sub Contest Titles

  • Mrs. India Planet Trailblazer:
    Paving the Way for Future Generations
  • Mrs. India Planet Fearless:
    Boldly Overcoming Challenges and Adversity
  • Mrs. India Planet Iconic:
    Setting Trends and Inspiring Fashion Statements
  • Mrs. India Planet Humanitarian:
    Making a Difference in the Lives of Others
  • Mrs. India Planet Eco-Friendly:
    Promoting Sustainable Practices and Environmental Consciousness
  • Mrs. India Planet Regal:
    Exuding Royalty and Nobility
  • Mrs. India Planet Star:
    Shining Bright with Talent and Charisma
  • Mrs. India Planet Phenomenal:
    Achieving Greatness in All Areas of Life
  • Mrs. India Planet Ambitious:
    Pursuing Dreams and Achieving Goals
  • Mrs. India Planet Visionary:
    A title for a woman who is intelligent, confident, and forward- thinking, and inspires others with her vision and leadership.
  • Mrs. Philanthropist:
    Contributing to Social Causes and Giving Back to the Community
  • Mrs. Resilient:
    Overcoming Adversity with Strength and Perseverance
  • Mrs. Cultural Ambassador:
    Celebrating and Promoting Cultural Diversity and Unity.
  • Mrs. Photogenic:
    Beauty that Shines Through the Camera
  • Mrs. Catwalk:
    Graceful and Poised on the Runway
  • Mrs. Congeniality:
    Winning Hearts with Kindness and Compassion
  • Mrs. Fitness:
    Inspiring Health and Wellness in Others
  • Mrs. Social Media:
    Influencing and Empowering Through the Digital Space
  • Mrs. Popular Choice:
    Winning the Hearts of the Audience
  • Mrs. Intellectual Icon:
    Displaying Exceptional Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Mrs. Inspirational:
    Motivating and Inspiring Others to Achieve Greatness
  • Mrs. Versatile:
    Adaptable and Skilled in Various Fields
  • Mrs. Enthusiastic:
    Infusing Enthusiasm and Passion in All Endeavours
  • Mrs. Timeless Beauty:
    Defying Age and Exuding Timeless Elegance
  • Mrs. Empowered:
    Achieving Success and Empowering Others at Any Age

Our International Platform

Through Mrs. India Planet we aim to provide our winners with a platform to showcase their talent and represent India on an International platform.

Post winning the title our winners will go on to international platforms, where they could display their potential.​


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